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About Us

Who are we?

Pata de Elefante is a business craft jewelery and accessories based in Benicassim (Castellón).
Its founder and head, Inma Campos, is responsible for designing the female line and Genís Castaño designs male models.
Pata de Elefante manufactures its line of jewelry and accessories in silver, leather and steel entirely in Spain.

How born Pata de Elefante

Pata de Elefante born in 2014, although its founder is dedicated to handmade jewelry since 1999, participating in markets and craft fairs.
Pata de Elefante born of the need to live doing that likes to its founder: Create, Design and Live enjoying what you do.
In 2012 the male line was introduced by Genís Castaño.
The rapid acceptance of the pieces and the interest expressed by a heterogeneous audience makes Pata de Elefante expand their proposals.
Today, the catalog adds a variety of references: female jewelry, male, textile and leather line aimed at all age sectors.


Pata de Elefante defined by the exclusivity of their designs, the quality of materials used and the variety of styles for both, woman and man, and to young audiences.
The selection of materials follows a rigorous quality process, using domestic leather, Mexico and Spanish silver and antialergical Steel 316L
The Pata de Elefante style is a mixture of all styles, without being influenced by trends and fashions of the moment, marking its own style.